Terms and Conditions

Definitions | Scoop of Contract | Payment and Deposit | Use of Vehicle | Customer Responsibilities | Company Responsibilities | Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

1. Definitions
In these conditions, unless the context requires otherwise:
1.1 Customer’ means the person or company or organisation by or on behalf of whom any Vehicle is hired under these Conditions;
1.2 Conditions’ means the terms and conditions of hire as set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the company;
1.3 Vehicle’ means the motor vehicle being hired under these Conditions
1.4 Services’ means those provided by the Company in addition of the hire of the Vehicle
1.5 Price’ means the price for the hire of the vehicle excluding the price or costs of additional Services supplied by the Company
1.6 Company’ means Taj Prestige Cars Ltd, company registration number 07532076 whose registered office is 124 clovelly road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0AP
1.7 Authorised Driver’ means the Customer and any additional persons as stated overleaf and as approved by the company.
1.8. Hire Term’ means the agreed rental period as stated overleaf.

2. Scoop of Contract
2.1 These Conditions set out, overleaf and below, comprise all the terms of the contract between the Company and the Customs.
2.2 The Conditions set out here shall prevail over any terms put forward by the Customer. No addition to or variation of these terms shall be binding on the Company
unless in writing and signed by a company director of the Company.
2.3 No employee or agent of the Company has any authority to vary these Conditions orally or to make any representation on behalf of the company’s to their effect.

3. Payment and Deposit
3.1 The Company agrees to rent and the Customer agrees to take the Vehicle on the Conditions herein set out.
3.2 The Conditions will pay the Company the Price, as stated overleaf, and any other additional charges and VAT or other taxes as relevant on demand of the Company.
3.3 The Price and a deposit must be paid by the Customer to the Company in full prior to the release of the Vehicle to the Customer for hire.
3.4 A security/damage deposit is required prior to hire of the Vehicle. The deposit acts as:
1) A security bond
2) Payments towards any additional charges incurred during hire for excess mileage and/or petrol reimbursement charges.
3) Payments towards damage incurred during the Hire Term not covered by insurance.
4) An insurance excess against accidental damage or loss to the Vehicle by a third party or the Customer.

4. Use of Vehicle
4.1 The Vehicle must not be used for:
1) Further hire or reward, including driving tuition
2) Racing, pacemaking, reliability trials, speed testing, track days, or any other form of motor sport
3) Towing of any vehicle or trailer except where the Vehicle is covered by the Customer’s own insurance and the Company’s written consent has been obtained.
4) Any illegal purpose in violation of any legislation or regulation affecting the use or condition of the vehicle.
5) Use outside of mainland UK except with the Company’s written consent.
4.2 The Vehicle must be driven by the Authorised person who:
1) Is between the age of 21/25 and 65/70
2) Holds a full UK driving licence
3) Has held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of 12/24 months
4) Has not had a previous conviction for drink or drug driving
5) Had not been involved in more than one accident in the past three years
4.3 The Vehicle is subject to the agreed mileage allowance, as stated overleaf. Any excess mileage above and beyond this allowance will incur additional charges.

5. Customer Responsibilities
5.1 The Customer and/or Autharised driver must not:
1) Over load the Vehicle and should ensure that any load is secured safely
2) Use the Vehicle off road or on roads unsuitable for the Vehicle
3) Use the Vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs
4) Smoke in the Vehicle.
5) Sell, rent or dispose of the Vehicle or any of its parts or give anyone any legal rights over the vehicle.
6) Let anyone work on the Vehicle without the Company’s written permission.
7) Do anything to invalidate the insurance cover. A copy of the insurance policy is available on request.
5.2 The Customer and/or Authorised driver must:
1) Collect the Vehicle at the agreed time and date. Failure to collect the Vehicle within 2 hours will be a breach of these Conditions, unless agreed by the Company
separately, and the Vehicle may be released to other customers for hire.
2) Take all reasonable care of the Vehicle throughout the Hire Term.
3) Always lock the Vehicle when not in use and use any security device fitted or supplied with the Vehicle.
4) Return the Vehicle and all supplied accessories to the Company at the end of the Hire Term in the same condition as when the Vehicle was released by the
Company for hire. If the Vehicle is not returned in the required condition additional charges will be applied to put the Vehicle back into the required condition. If the
Vehicle is not returned at the end of the Hire Term additional hire charges will be made.
5) Return the Vehicle with a full tank of fuel. Failure to do so will incur additional charges.
6) Notify the Company immediately they are aware of any fault or damage to the Vehicle.
5.3 The Customer and/or Authorised driver is responsible at all times for any of their personal possessions and property left in the Vehicle.
5.4 The Customer and/or Autorised driver shall be liable in respect of:
1) Any offences which are committed during the Hire Term and for any fixed penalties issued against the Vehicle during the Hire Term or any speeding fines or other
fines or associated penalties incurred during the Hire term together with all costs, legal and administrative, incurred as a result of any offence or intended
2) Any charges arising from Customs and Excise or Vehicle inspectorate seizing the vehicle, together with a loss of income change while the Company cannot rent out
the Vehicle to other customers.
3) A loss of income change where the Vehicle is returned in a non-rentable condition and the Company is required to carry repairs or additional cleaning or works to the
Vehicle in order for it be hired to other customers.
4) Any act invalidating the insurance cover during the Hire Term and shall indemnify the Company from and against any loss or damages to the Vehicle, and all actions,
claims and liability for which the Company may be responsible.

6. Company Responsibilities
6.1 The Company will endeavour to provide the Customer with the requested Vehicle however the Company at its discretion may supply a suitable alternative vehicle
where circumstances beyond the Company’s control deem it necessary.
6.2 The Company will provide the Customer with the Vehicle in a road worthy condition.
6.3 The Vehicle provided will be covered by break down cover.
6.4 The Company will provide the Vehicle with insurance cover during the Hire Term. A copy of the insurance policy is available on request.
6.5 The Company reserves the right to decline hire without any reason.

7. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
7.1 The formation, Construction and performance of this contract shall be governed in all respects by English Law.
7.2 It is agreed that the English Courts shall have the sole jurisdiction to decide any dispute arising out of or in connection with the formation, construction, or performance
of this contract.

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